Wings of Pen


‘Wings of Pen’ collection, the homonyms of the name can also defined as written record in Chinese. The silhouette of the pen inspired by the image of bird which stopping in front of the full moon. When the ball point running on the paper, it acts like the beak that pecking the seeds. The pen sitting still aside the table, created the image of vivid birds that symbolized the elegant and delicate mood. During the movement, the writing hand becomes the wings of the pen that left traces between the lines.

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Mufun is an award-winning design and woodcraft studio founded by Taiwanese designers Kevin Shen and Faris Fu.

They combine their passion for nature and their woodworking skills into creating a series of everyday products that reflect their natural environment. Many of their designs seek to incorporate the diversity of Taiwanese culture. The smooth, circular lines in Mufun’s handcrafted objects represent the rational and emotional aspects of creative endeavour.

Wings of Pen by Mufun Design Studio
★ ‘2015 The Culture & Creative Award’
★ ‘2015 Golden Pin Design Award’

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Beech, Walnut, maple, Cherry wood and Copper made pen core


The main body of wings of pen are combined with the beech, walnut maple and cherry wood.
Using the technique of CNC machine to highlight the smooth curve line, hand assemble and sanding to create each of them detailedly.
The pen holder are made by the copper wires and walnut wood which overcome the difficulties from two different materials.

★This product obtained '2015 The Culture & Creative Award'
★This product obtained '2015 Golden Pin Design Award'