Sunrise Sticky Tape Dispenser – Rose Quartz


The yellow paper tape placed behind the green wooden hills is posed to symbolise the Sun, which is rising up and shining upon the world. Not only is the vivid sunrise-shaped sticky tape practical, it can also be a beautiful ornament for your desk.

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Mufun was founded by Kevin Shen and Faris Fu in 2009. With the passionate on animal figure and the skills on wooden craftments, they create different series of daily products. Also, take the elements of natural environment as the inspiration to mass produce the handcrafts. Adding the diversity of Taiwan cultural into wooden designs and building up the long-lasting brand in handcraft design industry.

‘Sustainable resources’

By using the wood such as Beech, Walnut wood and birch from the restricted planting forest in Europe and North America to create the colourful product design style.

‘Crafting techniques’

By using the techniques of wood turning and the CNC machine, presenting the round shaped for every products. Spread the warmth from the hand temperature through the assemble and sanding processes.

‘Stylish image’

By using the circle as the basic shape, adding the smooth lines for every products to present the emotional and rational sides.

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Beech & Rose wood,
Water-based pigment and Water-based protective paint