Goods Hunting Pop-ups

Goods Hunting organises pop-up events where you can buy all the extraordinary products that we source directly from independent artists and designers around the world. It’s a chance to see, discuss, and buy utterly unique design goods and art.

We source a very wide range of objects directly from the designers and artists. Many of our products are limited-edition or one-of-a-kind pieces while others are created in small batches, often exclusively for Goods Hunting.

If you desire some art to feed your soul, or just the perfect piece for that living room wall; maybe you’re after a piece of furniture that you can’t find anywhere else; you really want some quirky clothing or designer handmade shoes; or you want or perhaps you need to buy the ultimate gift for someone you love but can’t have it cost the earth, a Goods Hunting pop-up shop is the ultimate port of call.